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October 10, 2005

Wanna meet Blues fans?

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So, my brother loves the St. Louis Blues. He even shares some season tickets, in the affordable back row, with his best friend. One of the things he looks for in a woman is… “must love hockey.” So you get the idea. Anyway, he saw a link on the Internet that said, “wanna meet Blues fans?” And he was like, “yes, I wanna meet Blues fans!” So he clicks on the link and starts typing in this information so he can meet Blues fans. But after a while he realizes that it is just a plain old Internet dating service and has nothing special to do with the Blues at all. He has already typed in that his “fettish” is “abstinence” because he doesn’t want to meet some weird women who have the wrong idea about him.

So after completing his profile he thinks about it and decides, “well, since I’ve written all this, maybe I should just go ahead and register on a Catholic dating website,” so he writes up a profile registering on a site that is more up his alley. He deletes the first profile. So then he gets this email from the Catholic website which includes a short list of his perfect matches. Guess who was number 2 on the list?

Me. Perhaps he should have specified that he’s not interested in dating someone with the same last name. Well, at this point he is beside himself, and thinks, “what the heck, I’ll just check out her profile.” (Maybe she’s a pretty cool woman.)

So later I get an email that says a guy has browsed my profile. He has the same first name as my brother and he’s from the same town that I’m from. He’s 5’11” with brown hair and hazel eyes and a slender build, and I think this must be my brother. I am right. Fortunately, I don’t quite meet his “must love hockey” criteria.

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