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December 6, 2005

Happy Birthday

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Last night, my boyfriend, Jonathan, and I were driving around and we saw this girl getting out of her car. It was her birthday, and her car had been graffitied with that colorful shaving cream stuff. In pink and yellow lettering one of the windows on the side of her car said “Happy 18th Birthday!” And then, graffitied across the back window of the car were the words “Not Jailbait Anymore.”

I laughed really hard at that. But maybe you had to be there.

“She’s not jailbait. She’s 17.” -Lister (Red Dwarf)

March 1, 2005

In Like a Lion?

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Flashback to March 1, 1986. We learned about that silly saying “March comes in like a lion/lamb and out like a lamb/lion.” Everyone in my class was to decide if March 1986 had come in like a lion or a lamb. It was obvious to me… it came in like a lion. Then everyone got a paper plate. We were to make a lion head out of construction paper if we thought March came in like a lion, or a lamb head out of cotton balls if March came in like a lamb. Well, I made a lion head, even though the lambs were cuter and soft, but most of the class made lambs, I recall. So either:

1) They wanted to make lambs because their friends were making lambs, or
2) They had severe misjudgements about the weather outside, or
3) They realized that the lambs were cuter and easier to make.
It could have been a combination.

I should have made a lamb because it was cuter and softer, even if my ability to judge the weather far surpassed my peers. March 1986 was obviously coming in like a lion.

I have spent some time outside today and I determine that March in St. Louis has come in like a lion, not like a “very, very cold lamb” like the weather forcaster said on the news last night. It’s wicked cold and nasty out there! I am looking forward to the end of March.

Happy spring!

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