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July 24, 2007

36.9 MPG and rising

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My husband read about this thing called “hypermiling,” and we’ve found that a few changes in the way we drive make a big difference in our miles per gallon. We jumped from averaging about 28 MPG to over 36! Hopefully someday we’ll even hit 40. We used to have to fill up every 300 miles or so… now we get 400 miles on a tank!

I think the thing that makes the biggest difference is driving slowly on the highways. We try to go about 50 MPH. A general rule for hypermiling is to stay at or below the speed limit as you theoretically run into fewer stoplights, which leads me to my next point, that you should anticipate stoplights. If the light ahead is red, don’t speed up to it, just coast and hopefully it will turn green before you have to stop. Yeah, you might bother the person behind you, but you’ll be getting better gas mileage!

The secret to better gas mileage: no speeding on the highways, try to maintain constant speed, and don’t push the gas pedal more than absolutely necessary! Good luck!

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  1. Um I hope that wasn’t me tailgating your asses on 270. LOL. :)

    Comment by Kristi — August 5, 2007 @ 11:52 pm

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