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November 29, 2006


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I had the priviledge of screening the movie “The Nativity Story,” which will be released Friday for all to see. I had seen that Keisha Castle-Hughes plays Mary, and I really enjoyed her in “Whale Rider” so I was looking forward to the screening.

The Nativity Story has been told many ways and many times. It has been awhile since I have seen something new, and I really liked this portrayl. We were pleased with the character development in the movie, especially that of Joseph. Also, the “wise men” were the comic relief, and they were quite funny. (“But my dates… my nuts… my spices!”) I encourage you to go see The Nativity Story this year. It was really beautiful and inspiring. Or, if you judge movies on your emotions, I cried a lot. I wouldn’t mind even going to see it again.

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