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June 29, 2006


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Does anyone know of any nice resorts to stay at in the Ozarks? Maybe one with a spa? 😉

June 15, 2006

I hate peanut butter sandwiches

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I have never enjoyed eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I grew up eating a thin layer of each on a stale piece of bread that I prepared for myself from age 6 to adult. Today I tried organic peanut butter. Though it tastes more like real peanuts than its partially hydrogenated counterpart, it is no more satisfying. Why have I wasted so many lunchtimes forcing down a stale and unenjoyable meal?

I take it back, I do remember enjoying one PB&J sandwich out of the hundreds I’ve consumed. At 5 years old, Allison’s mom made me one. She cut it on the diagonal with love and fresh bread. She even cut off the crust for Allison, which never made sense to me.

June 9, 2006

Wedding Decisions

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There are so many decisions one has to make when one is getting married. It is ridiculous. I can see how it might be too much for someone who has great difficulty making decisions. I just give myself fewer decisions. Like cake places… I’ll just pick one or two places and order the cake from the best one… the problem is deciding which one is best.

I gave myself one week to pick out a dress; only one week to redeem every girl’s fantasy of wearing a gown that turns you into a princess. I succeeded in picking the dress by the deadline.

I just keep plugging away. I still need a florist. At least I finally have an idea of what I want as far as the flowers go.

I can see why someone might be ok with those TV and radio contests where the viewers/listeners choose the dress, the honeymoon location, even the rings! Then they don’t have to deal with making the decision… and hopefully they are happy with the outcome. Hopefully I’ll be happy with the outcome. So the invitation wording isn’t exactly perfect, but at least they’re ordered and there are no typos. So my dress doesn’t look as good as the one that cost twice as much, I’ll still look beautiful. So I found a veil that I like a little better, my veil is fine and it was only 20 bucks.

It doesn’t really matter. I’m shy of perfect. Still, my wedding day will be fantastic because of our love for each other and being able to share it with those who love us.

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