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April 30, 2005

Part III

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a memory script to be posted in series
by jenni lynn and lisa jean

Scene 3: Second Day, Evening

THE WEATHERED RANGER begins by listing some of his more humorous moments over a lifetime of ranger-hood.
WOMAN: pointing at the North Rim, twelve miles away “Is that Canada?”
MAN: unable to read maps “Where am I? Is that at Bryce or Zion?”
FAMILY: “Where would it be fun to hike?”
RANGER : Hiking is not fun, hiking is Pain. A hike is like a bad marriage: it is better when it is over.
Then, he begins to tell us all about his favorite birds, female NEVERMORE and male RONALD RAVEN. In his stories, the birds are smart: they lift dumpster lids, steal food from campers and train rangers to open sardine tins. They date for up to seven years, mate in mid air, and remain together for life.

The talk does not lessen MIKEY’S hatred for the birds, but LISA and JENNI agree they much enjoyed it. Back at camp, the temperature is dropping, and the THREE, head straight to bed-wearing ALL of their clothes.

Scene 4: Third Day

3 am—JENNI wakes up to the sound of rain hitting the tent, begins to worry about coats and shoes being left outside of tent, and leans over LISA (waking her up) to rescue MIKEY’s shoes from certain sogginess.
5:30 am—JENNI wakes up again to ask MIKEY if he wants to go try to see sunrise, even though it is raining. MIKEY assures her there will be nothing to see and sleeping resumes.
8:30 am—This time, when the THREE all wake up, they realize that the tent and campsite are covered in 3” of snow. This makes breakfast and striking camp a frosty cold experience.
10 am—In order to warm frozen fingers, the THREE take a long hobbitish second breakfast at the café in Grand Canyon Village.
11 am—It is still pouring down snow. The THREE arrive at the Rim, only to find that the Nothing has taken the canyon away.

To be continued…

April 29, 2005

Reading in Spanish

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My Spanish teacher recommeded I read a book that was written in English and translated into Spanish. I thought of Harry Potter. I might buy a copy on Amazon in Spanish. Maybe there is another book written at like a 5th grade level (or below) I could try? Or maybe something nonfiction? I don’t know. It takes me like 10 minutes to read a page of text in Spanish. It’s really hard. But I want to keep practicing it. I’m excited about the next harry potter book coming out in July… Currently I don’t own any of the HP books, which means I’m not planning to buy the 6th one either. Anyone planning to read it in a few days who would like to lend it to me shortly thereafter? :)

April 28, 2005

Green Day

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Would I like to see green day in concert?

April 26, 2005

Part II

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a memory script to be posted in series
by jenni lynn and lisa jean


Scene 2: Second Day

After a night of little sleep, JENNI notices it’s getting lighter outside and wakes MIKEY and LISA up suddenly. The THREE race to the Rim of Grand Canyon to watch the sun rise, wearing their jammies, and end up spending 30 minutes standing in the freezing cold before the sun actually breaks the horizon.
Breakfast consists of instant oatmeal and protein powder using JENNI’s bodacious PocketRocket (it’s not dirty, we swear.) Then they begin making lunch, facing the trial of organization.
MIKEY: I hate ravens. They’re dirty and they wake me up in the morning, making all kinds of loud noise. Caw! Caw!

The THREE hike into the Grand Canyon, all the way to “Three Mile Rest House,” about halfway to the river.
LISA: Isn’t there a restroom around here?
MIKEY: Not for another mile and a half. Up or down.
LISA: Ugh! How do people stand this! …I’ll be back.
THE THREE set down for lunch on the very edge of the canyon.

It is a beautiful day for hiking. Cool in the shade and warm in the sun, temp around 67, with a light breeze. Hiking, like marathon running and other such nonsense, is a painful and grueling experience, but a rewarding one. Hikers experience the spectacular views, have a sense of being engulfed in something infinitely larger than oneself and encounter the Great Creator. However, our THREE hikers think mostly about the pain in their legs and the goal of reaching the top alive.

Post-hike, the THREE pause at the rim, then head into the village for beer. After some discussion, they choose redneck Budweiser in cans (you might be from St. Louis if….) While in the village, JENNI discovers a posting on a ranger talk about geology Saturday night.

This evening, our wise THREE campers prepare dinner—hotdogs, chicken teriyaki, campfire apple mush (thanks to JENNI’S many years as a girl scout)—and enjoy a moment’s pause.
LISA: It would be nice to take a hot shower. Do you think they have hot showers? Hot. Showers.
JENNI: Yeah the campground showers are hot. They’re $1.50 for five minutes. Wanna go?
LISA: Yes. Do you have any quarters?

It’s funny how the THREE appreciate their showers more, having well earned them, and also having to pay for them.

They race to the WEATHERED RANGER’S talk on the geology of the canyon, but the THREE discover that it is, in fact, not Saturday, but Friday, so the topic of the talk is Ravens, MIKEY’S least favorite bird. However, the prospect of warming up for a bit is appealing (Caw! Caw!)…

To be continued…

April 24, 2005

Saturday Night Life

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Hey Blog, I’m back!!

So last night was Saturday night. I started off a bit bummed that I didn’t have any social plans. I called around, but ended up having to stay home. I clicked on the TV guide channel to see what was going to be on TV… The Parent Trap (1998 version with Lindsay Lohan) was coming on in 10 minutes. I decided to watch it and invited my roommate to watch it with me. I had never seen either Parent Trap movie before. Well, my roommate and I really liked it. We were so into it, in fact, that we nearly watched it twice through! (It was on two times in a row.)

I can be such a nerd sometimes. But it was a really good movie, and I am happy with the way I spent my saturday night.

April 5, 2005

Brief blog vacation

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I’ll be taking a vacation from my blog until at least 4/13. I’m sure you won’t miss me too much while I’m seeing the sights and living the life. Now, I know I often go a week without posting anyway, but this way, loyal readers, you won’t waste time checking my blog when there are actually no updates.

In the meantime, happy spring! Boing!

:) Lisa

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