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December 29, 2004

Before you die, you see The Ring

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I’m updating the blog! Yay!

So I finally watched “The Ring” last night. I guess I’ll have to go see the sequel to it, which I think comes out this spring. It was scary, but not that scary because I already knew about the scariest part when the girl comes out of the TV. That was pretty cool. The girl coming out of the TV is not the real Samara, but her stunt double, Kelly Stables. (I think Kelly actually plays Samara in The Ring Two). Kelly is my cousin’s stepsister. She’s about 4’11” and 27 years old. Kelly lives in LA, trying to make it big like most everyone else out there. She played a ghost in one scene of The Haunted Mansion and she had a main role in Pride and Prejudice: A Latter-Day Comedy, released mostly in Utah (though I saw it at Hollywood Video the other day). Anyway, I think she did a pretty good job coming out of the TV. I seem to have had a few nightmares last night. I can’t say I really understand the movie. It’s pretty freaky, like what’s up with the horses killing themselves? But at least now I know what the ring is… and it’s not Kelly’s new engagment ring (lucky girl!).


December 8, 2004

Modified Scrabble

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A regular game of Scrabble is sometimes fun. But it can be long and tedious to come up with just the right combination of letters to go with the Z you’ve been saving for that triple letter score. I find “UZI” is a good Scrabble word.

It’s way more fun to play my version of Scrabble. There is usually really no clear champion, but it’s all in how the game is played. To play scrabble my way, you can make up words, as long as they can be used in a sentence. My dad once used “LOVO,” as in “I lovo you.” And there’s always slang words with loose spellings like shizle… I bet that’s not in the Scrabble dictionary. You can build a word in the middle of nowhere on the board. You can build a word backwards (but never diagonally) and even use proper nouns. And just about any two letter word with a consonant and a vowel is acceptable. It makes for a great game.

Anyone wanna play? This game is fun. Way fun.

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