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October 28, 2004

What are you going to be for Halloween?

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Hey friends,

Just thought I’d ask what people are going to be for Halloween. I feel like such a dork saying this, but I’m going to be a teenage rockstar, modeled after Avril Lavigne. I’m planning to carry around my guitar a little bit, but it’s really heavy so that won’t last long. I get so freaked out about dressing up at my age, because so many people at these happy hours I’m going to Friday night won’t be in costume (even though it’s encouraged). I’ve just got to put myself out there. It’ll be ok. I even learned how to play a few Avril songs just in case anybody wants to hear. *sigh* I hope this isn’t embarassing. It’s supposed to be fun.

Sunday night, if I can, I think I’ll just watch the kiddies come around to my parents’ house. There aren’t as many children in that neighborhood as there once were so it’s not as exciting. I did put my Avril tie on Riley, the doggie, and he looked really cute.

Happy Halloween!

October 11, 2004

Ligers are real… and really cool

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So my brother has been really into ligers ever since he saw the movie Napoleon Dynamite (he gives a mean impression of Kip, Napoleon’s brother). For those of you who don’t know, ligers are half lion, half tiger (all terror). My brother got me into ligers too. I spend my free time here and there working on improving my liger drawing ability. I’ve invented several different ways to draw ligers… none of which are good or accurate, but one of my drawings is really cute. Some ligers may look friendly and cute, but they are very ferocious beings.

Here is a link to a ridiculous liger site:

And, not to belittle my gender, but I think this Girls Vs. Ligers page is hilarious:

Some of you may have your doubts, but I know… Ligers are real.

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